It’s a No-Brainer – Use a Buyers Agent….

No Brainer 2    Well, we thought it was a no-brainer, but maybe not… 

So typically, in the Real Estate world, we fell like some things should go without saying….

  • We don’t all make millions of dollars a year…
  • Its not as easy as it seems or everyone would be doing it..
  • Use a Buyers Agent!!!

Common sense stuff, right?

Well, after reading an article on one of the major real estate sites, I found this comment below the post….

Noel106, Home Buyer, Green Bay, WI

Are you smoking crack?? We just listed our house for 200k more than its worth, sold in two days. A cash buyer with way to much money and way to less brains.

This was commented on a discussion about dealing with unrepresented  buyers vs educated buyers that have a Buyers Agent representing them.
Now which would you rather be?
  • The buyer that decided they were way to smart to involve an agent (because I don’t need an agent, I’m too smart for that…)    or
  • The buyer that had a Buyers Agent that knew the market and had a fiduciary responsibility to look out for his client and their best interest….

And the best thing about this is that a Buyers Agent is paid for by the Seller. The Buyers Agent client does not pay a commission to their agent.

Would you go to court without representation? Why engage in one of the most expensive transactions in your life without having representation?

Now, that’s a no-brainer….

Please feel free to call or email us to discuss further.  We’re here to help, its what we do….

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